Adjustments and Manipulation

chiropractic adjustment

A chiropractic adjustment, also known as chiropractic manipulation, manual manipulation, or spinal manipulation, is the primary chiropractic treatment method for back pain.

Spinal manipulation relieves pressure on joints, reduces inflammation, and improves nerve function. It has been a trusted form of treatment since the ancient Greek Hippocrates documented manipulative techniques in his writings back in 1500 B.C. Today, spinal manipulation is used to treat conditions such as allergies, menstrual cramps and headaches.

Conditions That Can Be Treated Via Chiropractic Adjustments

Life wears everyone down. As the years go by, you may find yourself sore more often. Or perhaps you suffer an accident, like a car collision or a slip and fall around the home. Ultimately, there can be a lot of sources for aches and pains. The Centers for Disease Control report that over 50 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. Fortunately, chiropractic adjustments may be able to deliver lasting pain relief. If you're looking for an experienced chiropractor in Boca Raton, FL, who can perform expert chiropractic adjustments, contact Dr. David Goldberg.

Let’s take a look at some conditions that can be treated with chiropractic adjustments. Of course, this list is far from exhaustive. If you’re in pain, it’s wise to contact a chiropractor.

Personal Injuries

Probably everyone will suffer a personal injury at some point. You might slip on the floor after mopping it or could stumble while strolling through a park. Sometimes, a few days of rest and respite will be enough to resolve the damage.

Often, however, the spine ends up misaligned owing to the accident. This can create strain on the muscles in your back, shoulder, and elsewhere too. Even after plenty of rest, you may still be plagued by pain, but chiropractic adjustments can help. If you have suffered a personal injury and live in or near Boca Raton, FL, chiropractic adjustments provided by Dr. Goldberg could provide lasting pain relief.

Car Accidents

If you get in a car accident, your body will be subjected to tremendous forces, which in turn could cause your spine to become misaligned. Muscles, tendons, and other tissues may also be strained. Some conditions, like whiplash, are especially worrisome and can result in lasting pain. Fortunately, chiropractic care can help.

Headaches and Migraines

Did you know that problems in your back and neck can cause headaches and migraines? If your spine is misaligned, it will create strain on the muscles in your neck and the connective tissue stretching to your head. This can result in pressure being exerted on the skull, which in turn can cause headaches. By correcting the spine, it may be possible to reduce the frequency and severity of tension headaches and migraines.


Sciatica occurs when pressure is exerted on the sciatic nerve, which runs from your lower back down through your legs. This can result in not just pain, but also trouble walking, numbness in the legs, and more. Often, people suffering from sciatica experience limited mobility. Fortunately, a chiropractor can help relieve pressure on the sciatic nerve by performing adjustments.

If you would like to experience the healing potential of chiropractic adjustments and live near Boca Raton, FL, get in touch with Dr. David Goldberg by dialing (561) 368-2446.

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